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Harvest of Memories
Review of Last Year's Business Tours:
Sady Stavropolya
Russia's largest nursery with a full cycle of producing high-quality, virus-free fruit tree seedlings, meeting International Standards. Specializing in stone and seed crops. Producing over 3.5 million seedlings annually across an area of approximately 350 hectares. Modern facilities, equipment, and laboratories ensure optimal conditions for storage and professional handling of seedlings."
Stavropolskaya Fruktovaya Dolina
The Stavropolskaya Fruktovaya Dolina specializes in the cultivation of stone and seed crops. The primary focus of the project is to establish an efficient and modern enterprise for the production of fresh fruits, including apples, pears, and cherries. It encompasses an intensive orchard complex spanning a total planting area of 337 hectares, incorporating a 50-hectare super-intensive pear orchard.
Sad-Gigant Ingushetia
The Garden Giant of Ingushetia is the largest intensive orchard in Russia, established in 2014 across an area exceeding 1000 hectares. This innovative project incorporates cutting-edge European technologies. Presently, the orchards cultivate over 15 varieties of apples, as well as cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, pears, and grapes. A fruit storage facility capable of storing 60,000 tons, equipped with sorting and packaging lines, operates at a capacity of 40 tons per hour.
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